G. Thompson

George Thompson. I love long walks on the beach and starry nights. Actually I do love that but I wouldn't necessarily describe myself like that. Here's some of the things I really do like (see below). Follow if you please.
Last years winter up in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Not too many things are better than night rides through the woods.

Last years winter up in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Not too many things are better than night rides through the woods.

I had never been here before today but the local quarry is something amazing. Never would have thought that something like that was tucked away in my town.

Unfortunately it was pouring down rain the entire time haha, but that almost somehow made it even better. How? I don’t know, but it did haha.

A Change in My Tumblr

Pretty much since the beginning of my Tumblr all I have done is reblog things. There is so much amazing content on this site that I never really felt the need to throw my own stuff out there except for here and there, but recent changes have caused me to make self changes and one of them is to be the best George that I can be. I guess I shouldn’t really say that one of them is to be the best George that I can be because that really is the one. And from there everything else trickles down and I believe that if I can be happy, if I can be the best leader, friend, son, brother, stranger, just person that I can possibly be then everything else will work itself out. But I think finding happiness is the most important in this case, because I lost that for a little bit, and you don’t think about it when it is happening, but that can screw everything up for you. You have to be happy before you can be anything else.

So I’ve been thinking for awhile and something that I always loved to do and got away from in the last year or so is writing. I can’t really do anything long like a book or even a short novel, but I can do short soliloquies like this. So I’ve decided to use Tumblr as my own personal outlet to lose myself in, to reclaim something that I love.

What am I going to write about?

I am going to try and write about my life right now, what I am up to, what I am trying to do, things that I am interested in, just pretty much anything that I want to share or want to talk about. I’m not just going to do paragraphs though, I don’t have that much in me all the time, so it’s probably going to be really random from time to time. It may not make sense, but that’s okay, because as long as it makes me happy, and I am doing things that help make me happy, I am fine with complete randomness.

I’m still going to reblog some things because like I said earlier, the content on here is phenomenal, so if I like it I am going to want to share it, but I’ll probably tone it down a bit.

Hopefully this will be a regular thing that I am updating, I genuinely intend it to be, and hopefully I have enough things going on in my life to share. I think I will. I’m working on a couple projects now, reading a book, of course I have my television shows and movies, and sports always has something for me to talk about so I think I’ll always have at least one direction to go.

I am really excited and can’t wait to begin updating this, it’s going to be fun.


But I’ll still sit here and hope.

I’m just sitting here going crazy.

I never knew a week could be so far away.